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  • Are you an A, B or C Buyer?

    At Gipson Group ATL we want our motivation to match your motivation. This means that if you need to buy a home today…..you probably want me to call you every time a new listing becomes available. Now if you are not really in a hurry to buy….. you probably don’t want me to call you every time a new listing becomes available. Never the less, by completing this form you will help us make sure that we can match your motivation.

    When touring Gipson Group ATL it doesn’t take long to see how busy the Buyer department is. For you, the Buyer….that’s a good thing. You want a Buyer Specialist who is active and really knows the market. Touring our office you probably also noticed our Buyer Activity Boards. These boards serve a couple of purposes. One is to enable us to match properties with specific Buyer needs. The second reason and the most important is to classify all of our Buyers by motivation. In order for our team to focus on your real estate needs, we must first determine your motivation or your “readiness” to buy. Since all Buyers don’t have the same needs, we categorize our Buyers by motivation as follows:

    “A” Buyer Our highest priority Buyer. These are people who have to buy a home now. They have either sold their existing home, transferred into town, or their lease has expired. In many cases, they could potentially be homeless. (high motivation)

    “B” Buyer Our second-highest priority Buyer. These are people who are ready to buy, except they have a home to sell first, have a lease to fulfill, or are in the stages of getting pre-approved.

    “C” Buyer Our third-highest priority Buyer. These people may buy a home when the right one comes along. (low motivation)

    As you can see…..if you are a “B” or “C” Buyer doesn’t mean you are less important to us. Your needs are paramount. It only means we are trying to find homes for the “A” Buyer’s first. Remember you could quickly become an “A” Buyer and become our top priority! We will always do our best to accommodate you. Should your motivation change at any time please let us know so we may adjust our motivation to match yours.

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