Buyer's Guide

Buyer's Guide

Our Statistics, Your Success

Over the post 15 years we have helped more than 1,000 families attain their real estate goals, more than 20 times the typical agent. We are passionate about the business of representing your interests. It's what we do!

Our Sales: 20x the career sale of a typical agent. By comparison, the typical agent has 7 years of experience and has closed fewer than 30 sales.


Why work with a Realtor?

  • In Georgia, it is customary for the Seller to pay for the Buyer's Representation, but not always.
  • The biggest difference is the quality and depth of information and the level of service provided to clients.

Benefits of a Buyer's Agency

Finding your new home
• We preview more than 50 homes a month and search new listings at least twice a day.
• We are members of several realtor groups, and network to learn about upcoming listings before they ever hit the market.
• We make a point to know about shops, restaurants, relevant schools, parks and changing conditions in their intown neighborhoods, to help you decide what best suits you and your lifestyle.
Negotiating the offer
Contract content changes all the time. We study the changes and negotiate using language that works to design your best offer to compete without overpaying or risking too much.
Our Network
We connect you with skilled vendors to assist with the home-buying process: home-inspectors, plumbers, electricians, painters, handymen, and home-warranty companies, to name a few.

Pre-Approval for Your Financing

Benefits to you the Buyer
Turns you into a cash buyer.
Saves you Money.
Gives you leverage in a multiple offer situation.
Gives you confidence.
Selecting a Lender
The real estate market is dynamic. Lender practices have become more and more challenging. Government rules are constantly changing, lender guidelines are in flux—any of these can cause loan delays or terminations.
To avoid this, we strongly encourage you to work with one of our preferred lenders - who provide peace of mind and excellent communication, while offering competitive rates and fees.
Lenders who “make our list” provide hands-on service and follow your loan from first conversation through the closing.

3 Phases of Buying Your Home

Part 1:
Finding your home is the 1st 1⁄3 of the buying process. The average home buyer looks at 3-5 homes before making a selection. We may find your home on the first day or we may adjust the focus as your criteria may change. The most important key to finding the right home quickly is your feedback.

Part 2:
Negotiating repairs during the Due Diligence makes up the 2nd 1⁄3 of the process. Once we have negotiated the purchase of your home, a variety of things have to happen quickly to protect the money you have placed with your offer (Earnest Money).

Part 3:
The final 1⁄3 of the home buying process focuses on making sure you meet your lender’s deadlines and you prepare to move from your current residence to your new home.

For Sale by Owner

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), in 2016, nationally about 9% of Sellers sold their homes “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO). The biggest challenge Seller’s have when operating without an agent is understanding the paper-work, often resulting in unfair practices toward the buyer.
Often, the FSBO Seller is not skilled at contracts and obligations. Up front communication is the key to a good transaction. We will secure the terms for the property and work to eliminate contradictions and confusion - ultimately getting you the FSBO home you want.
When you see a FSBO you want to view, please call us first, before you see it. As your Exclusive Buyer’s Agent, it is our job to protect you, your money and your interests.

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