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Oakhurst is a historic and eclectic neighborhood located in the southwest corner of Decatur.


Welcome to Oakhurst

Oakhurst is a historic and eclectic neighborhood located in the southwest corner of Decatur, and is located entirely in DeKalb County. During the 2000 Census, it was estimated that less than 5,000 people called Oakhurst home. This highly desirable small community is an artistic in nature. However, its appeal is mainly due to its small town feel and close proximity, less than six miles, to downtown Atlanta.
Artistic home seekers will love the artistic feel of Oakhurst. In fact, Oakhurst is often home to many art galas including a well-known and attended arts and music event each October. In addition to the feel of the community, Oakhurst is also home to a variety of different homes, but Oakhurst streets are predominately lined with ranch-style homes and bungalows. However, new construction in Oakhurst is often follows and Arts and Craft style.

About Oakhurst

In addition to being a fun, safe place to live, Oakhurst is also a liberal minded community that has a history of promoting tolerance and welcoming newcomers. As a testament to the community’s values, the area is home to a diverse population of people including African Americans, Caucasians, singles, seniors, young couples, and families as well. Oakhurst also has a large gay community. Due to its diversity and tolerance, Oakhurst has become an extremely popular place to live for people from many different walks of life.

For rest and relaxation, Oakhurst is home to nine green spaces. While there is an abundance of parks to spend time in Oakhurst, each park is unique in its own way. Additionally, Oakhurst is home to a variety of eateries, art galleries, and shopping centers. Most of these businesses are found in Oakhurst Village, which is the epicenter of Oakhurst’s business district.
Commercial properties not found in the business district are mostly found on the northern border of Oakhurst. For easy access in and around Oakhurst, Oakhurst residents can find a MARTA rail station (the East Lake Station) on West College Avenue.

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